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Why are offices on Fiveoffices more economical?

Entrepreneurs who share or sublet part of their office space with you are already paying rent and all related charges. By giving you access to the office space he's not using, he's amortizing part of his costs. The idea is not to make a profit on this service. This means you get lower prices than you would for the same services in a coworking space or other type of office (designed to generate profit). 

Our platform simply connects entrepreneurs with vacant office space to rent with entrepreneurs looking for full or part-time office space at the right price.

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Pay the right price for your office

  Evaluate whether the rent you're paying for your current office is consistent and fair in relation to the market.
And if it isn't, take a look around our website and find your next office space with ease.

Save time and effort

.Don't spend hours manually researching office prices in the various arrondissements of Paris. We'll quickly give you a budget estimate for your next office rental.

Comparison by neighborhood


With Fiveoffices, you can visualize the cost differences between boroughs and assess the pros and cons of each location for your next office.


Find the ideal office for your business without breaking the bank

 Armed with this information on average office prices, you can search and compare the different offers available in your preferred neighborhood. You'll then be able to find the ideal office to meet your business needs and your budget.

Find my next office at the right price

 Now that I know the average price of office space in my favourite districts