We love offices - in five styles


Make your office work for you


Each office offers a unique environment in which your team can engage, collaborate and work productively.

Our Mission

We fill the empty offices, reduce the carbon footprint of the commercial real estate industry, and help businesses run more profitably and sustainably.

For the benefit of companies

Through our Fiveoffices online marketplace, companies can efficiently scale according to their specific needs, significantly lower their operating costs, and improve their carbon footprint.

Our Digital Platform

We connect landlords, tenants and subtenants for their excess office space. Pairing guests looking for space with hosts offering currently available offices, our platform offers a full search, match and workflow facility to adjust office occupancy with the changing requirements for space size, rent duration, flexibility and new onsite working patterns.

For the benefit of us all

By sharing what is already built, lit, cooled and heated, we together can create much more sustainable business models.

We've asked all our Hosts to describe the offices they plan to share with Guests, and we boiled them down to five main categories.



Here you’ll find everything you need to work efficiently, from day one.



Work where the action happens, with easy access to transportation and city life.



Unique characteristics make these spaces similar to none.



Optimized for natural light, these spaces have features such as high ceilings and large windows.

Contemporary office


These spaces are inspired by design, with modern colors and clean lines.