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The number of empty offices has exploded in recent years, and is responsible for a major but invisible environmental problem: "immaterial waste", the energy wasted on maintaining, heating and lighting these spaces.

Empty offices are not only an economic nonsense, but also an ecological one. We must act together for a sustainable future!



Almost half of France's office space is empty.

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In Paris (IDF), 43%* of offices are partially empty. 

What if you chose to use offices that have already been built, fitted out and maintained, by sharing them with other entrepreneurs?

Fiveoffices is sustainable for your finances and our planet!

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Did you know?



On average, an office consumes 200 kWh of energy per m2, divided between heating, air conditioning, equipment and lighting.


  • More than half of all energy is used for heating.


  • More than half the energy is used to power equipment, mainly electronic devices such as computers, and lighting comes in second place with almost a third of consumption.


  • Air conditioning is the third largest consumption item, with 68% of offices in France equipped.



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Empty or partially empty offices are responsible for the emission of over 600,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.


This is equivalent to:


  • the CO2 emissions generated by more than 380,000 round-trip flights between Paris and New York.
  • the annual CO2 emissions of 77,000 French citizens.

Sources: Adapted from Écoresponsable au bureau, ADÉME, 2022

It's time to change things!
Let's build a more sustainable world together.


Innovative companies everywhere are starting to share empty spaces that have already been built, furnished, lit, heated and air-conditioned. Significantly reducing both costs and carbon emissions.

Join this movement for a more sustainable world of work!

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